On October 28th, the Hilton Rotary Club held a volunteer recognition dinner to thank all the people who have helped our club throughout the year.  
Generous people from our community along with Hilton, Spencerport and Greece Rotarians contributed their time and talents to the Club's Fly-In Breakfast, Easter Egg Hunt, Dictionary Project, Make A Difference Day Food Drive, Apple Fest Booth and Handicap Ramp Installation Projects.

Hilton Rotarian Bob Hunte acted as this year's emcee.  Local dignitaries included Sentaor Joe Robach and Parma Town Supervisor Pete McCann.  Senator Robach assisted the club with supporting funds for the our literacy project which provides dictionaries for third graders in the Hilton Central School District.  Supervisor McCann represented the Town of Parma in recognition for the use of the Town Park for our Easter Egg Hunt. The following Chairpersons recognized those in attendance and acknowledged those that were unable to attend:  Anne Forberg - Apple Fest; Bob Rumiano - Fly-In Breakfast; Dale Nesbitt - Fly-In Breakfast Traffic Control; Bonnie Gargano - Easter Egg Hunt; Dave Goodrich - Geranium Sale; Bob Hunte - Poinsettia Sale; and Cheryl Ohls - Make A Difference Day.

The following volunteers and guests attended this year's dinner:  Bud Hendershott; Parma Supervisor Peter McCann; Senator Joe Robach; Bill Hess; Sparky Hess; Helen Sweeting; Adam Gargano; Alex Gargano; Mary Anne Kensek; David Kensek; Matthew Kensek; Sandy Wells; Tracy Wooden and Larry Everets from the Greece Rotary Club; Alice Sidoti-McCombs, Carol Weston and George Blickwede from the Spencerport Rotary Club; Bob Linton; Kylie Johnson; Mike Piper; Bill Chatterton; Glona Chatterton; Bill Smith; John Sweeney; Kelly Peter; Melissa Provenzano, Jeremy Rumiano and Cheryl Rumiano.

Thank you Larry Speer, Hendershott Airport, Hilton Big M, Pettinari's (they cook a mean breakfast!), Walker Fire Department, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Hilton Baptist Church, and Hilton East.  And many thanks go out to all the other members of the community that we may have missed or were unable to attend.  Last but not least the hard working and dedicated members of the Hilton Rotary Club.  To all - your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. 

To view other pictures of this year's dinner see the Photos section on our Web site.