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Hilton Rotary meets Thursday evenings at 6:15 p.m. at Carmestros Resurant in Hilton.

The Hilton Club has itself sponsored two new Clubs- Brockport Rotary, in 1969, and Spencerport Rotary, in 1976. Both clubs have grown to become very active service organizations, and are tributes to their own communities.

Over the years HRC has been involved in a great many service programs and fundraising projects. The greatest single project of the Club is the handicapped children's camp, Camp Haccamo, in Penfield.

Hilton Rotarians built and maintain a residential cabin equipped with a large dormitory room including associated bathrooms and counselors' quarters. This facility is regularly used as a part of the Camp activities. To support this project, the Club joins the Rotary Clubs of Monroe County in sponsoring the annual Rochester International LPGA event at the Locust Hill Country Club. During the tournament days, Hilton Rotarians operate a concession stand near the 4th Tee. The size of this concession stand has grown to meet the needs of the public so that about 20 persons are required each day to man the stand. In 1998 concession sales were about $15,000.

A second means of raising funds for the Camp is the Go-cart raffle. Two cars are given to the Club each year by the Hilton NAPA Auto Parts Store and the NAPA district organization. Raffle tickets are sold from late spring to the time of the two drawings. One drawing is held at the Hilton Fire Carnival and the other at the Hilton AppleFest. Members sell raffle tickets at the nearby Fire Department Carnivals, and regularly at the summer Friday night NASCAR races at the Williamson Speedway (the Speedway name has changed with different ownerships). In 1998, this raffle netted about $6,000 for Camp Haccamo projects. But the Club's efforts for Camp Haccamo are merely the tip of the iceberg.

For about 6 years in the mid-1960s, the Club's Talent Variety Show extravaganza at the school auditorium, with members displaying acting talents unknown to their neighbors and friends, were the calendar events not to be missed.

With the assistance of the Hilton Ambulance Corps, the Club purchased defibrulators to be carried in each ambulance. Lakeside Memorial Hospital has a cardiac monitoring unit for their intensive care room thanks to Hilton Rotarians .The Club obtained used textbooks from the Hilton School District and provided funds for an electric generator for the Bethany Children's Home. Several home-bound Hilton area residents have been provided in-home chair rifts or wheelchair ramps by the Club.

Pancake suppers served by HAC at the local school cafeteria to encourage election-day voting. And every December, Hilton Rotarians invite handicapped children of the community and their parents to a Christmas Party. The Party begins with a specially prepared dinner, sing-a-long music, and then special entertainment such as a dance performance or a puppet show. Santa comes, personally greets each child and gives each one a wrapped gift.

The Club recently presented funds to the Hilton Village to purchase special acreage associated with the West Avenue Village Park for future Rotary community service projects. "Rotary Landing", with a pavilion and restroom complex, will provide a vista-view of Salmon Creek and its natural environment. Making it the newest place where Hilton Rotary service can be seen.